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  • How are accounting reports performed?
    This will be carried out in accordance with our association's rules and will be published on our association's website.
  • Can I have a receipt?
    Please send us your request for a receipt using the inquiry form. We will send the item as an email attachment at a later date (it takes approximately one month to issue a receipt). Please note that we do not ship by post.
  • What happens if I have leftover donations?
    Any surplus will be used for activities that contribute to the advancement of ALS research and the establishment of treatments that are expected to be effective for many patients.
  • Why do I need expensive treatment?
    Tofersen, a treatment for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) SOD type 1, which was approved in April 2023 in the United States, has not yet been approved in Japan. Until it is approved, you will be required to pay 100% of your own expenses as it will be imported through the hospital. The SOD1 (L84V) type that Wataru Aoki has is said to progress quickly, so it is necessary to receive treatment as soon as possible to stop the progression.
  • What kind of drug is the new drug tofersen?
    The new drug tofersen is a treatment for patients with a genetic mutation called SOD1 (superoxide dismutase 1), which accounts for approximately 2% of ALS patients. In ALS caused by SOD1 gene mutations, abnormal SOD1 protein damages nerve cells and causes muscle weakness throughout the body. The therapeutic drug "Tofersen" is a nucleic acid drug that blocks the process of SOD1 protein production. Previous clinical studies have shown that cerebrospinal fluid SOD1 and plasma concentrations of neurofilament light chain (NfL), a related biomarker, are significantly reduced in patients treated with tofersen compared to placebo. I understand. It was given accelerated approval by the US FDA because it was reasonably inferred that it is a clinically meaningful treatment for SOD1-ALS patients.
  • Will my donation be tax deductible?
    There are no donation deductions or other tax benefits.
  • Which financial institution should I transfer the money to?
    Please contact "Japan Post Bank". Please see " Request for Support " for details such as account number.
  • Please tell me about the status and progress of your treatment.
    We will keep you informed on our website and SNS (YouTube, X, Instagram).
  • How to add new questions and answers?
    How to add "Frequently Asked Questions": 1. Open dashboard or editor 2. Add new question and answer 3. Assign FAQs to categories Four. Save and publish You can edit your FAQ at any time.
  • How do I edit or delete the "Frequently Asked Questions" title?
    Click the "Settings" button on the editor's FAQ page Edit the mobile app in the Wix Ower app's Site Overview
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    yes. How to add media: 1. Open dashboard or editor 2. Add new or edit existing 3. Add a GIF to the answer text box, or 4. Add and save media files
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